domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

"Photoshop. Stop it please!"

Franca Sozzani (editora chefe da Vogue Itália) postou em seu blog recentemente, sua indignação com o excesso do uso do photoshop. A verdade, é que o homem busca a perfeição desde a antiguidade. No império grego, ela atingiu seu ápice, com suas esculturas que possuíam um nível de simetria impossível de se atingir por um ser humano. Na Renascença, os pintores, retratavam as pessoas, corrigindo detalhes indesejáveis. A verdade é que essa busca, sempre existirá. Concordo, que andam exagerando muiiiiiiiiito por aí, mas acho um recurso incrível, se usado com moderação. E vocês meninas? O que acham desse exagero?

"The times are those of eternal youth. To grow old is forbidden. Nothing wrong with that. Youth is beauty. We are talking about photography, saving real photography. If we look at old pictures, even of ten years ago, we find that women, beautiful or not, have their own personality with all their physical flaws. A wrinkle, lines, nothing more. Real women. Young, older, real.Avedon, Penn, and Newton's portraits were extremely charming, sometimes a little harsh, but you always recognized the people. Playing with the exposure you could soften the figure or exasperate the colors. It was done with a camera and lights. Printing the pictures was a real ceremony. Each photographer had his own dark room and printers working just for them, people they trusted. Each print was a unique. Original. Vintage. From film to digital, from little adjustments by hand to Photoshop, the passage has been quick and the results are different than what photography should be. Photoshop is genius for little tricks but it's also detrimental when it acts as a cosmetic surgery. It's deforming. Not much remains of the shoot. The photos get re-handled so many times and end up looking fake, something between the virtual world and a drawing. Young twenty year old models and forty year old women look exactly the same. It's almost intolerable the way they look. You can change the color of your eyes, hair color. Make your legs longer, your hips skinnier, and if necessary change your head with another picture. Obviously you can also change the clothes and accessories. The result is absolute fiction. Nothing to do with real photography. It's a shame to lose such a great patrimony, a tradition. To touch a real print is such a pleasure compared to plastic paper with a disk. Times change and things evolve. Digital is fantastic because it enables everyone to take good pictures and embellish them with Photoshop. But to lose quality over quantity is like losing reality over fiction. Let's not call it photography but give it another name, at least to show some respect for great photographers who keep taking pictures.Let's take back reality and quality without the fear of looking old or ridiculous. Not today."

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